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Feed a Rescued Animal in Need for FREE! Just Click Daily!

Please Click Daily To Donate FREE Mamograms To Underprivileged Women.

Please Click Daily To Feed The Hungry.

Please Click Daily To Save Our Rain Forests!

Please Click Daily To Donate To Children's Health.

Please Click Daily To Donate To Child Literacy.

The Humane Society: Please click here once daily to save PETS IN NEED! Homeless dogs, cats, rabbits and more. Thank you!

Click the Reduce 1 pound of carbon button every day. For every click, our partner, TerraPass will reduce one pound
of carbon dioxide emissions by funding clean energy and efficiency projects, such as wind farms.

More than 319,000 harp seals will be clubbed or shot to death this year in Canada.
96% of them will be less than 3 months old, and some may even be skinned alive.
Your clicks support airtime for IFAW's TV campaign to build public pressure against this cruel and inhumane hunt.

Help Save The Dolphins, Whales, Sea Otters, Turtles & more!

Click To Save The Tigers, Jaguars, and Snow Leopards!

Help protect Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Bonobos, and other Endangered Primates supported by the Jane Goodall Institute.
Click to donate every day - FREE!

Free Clicks Help Care2 Sponsor 14 Children Each Month.
Please Click Daily To Help Sponsor Them All Year!

Your Free Click Generates a Donation To Stop Violence Against Women.

Prevent Breast Cancer Daily! Every day that you click on the "Prevent Breast Cancer" button, an advertising sponsor donates approximately $.005
to the Breast Cancer Fund's environmental health legislative and outreach work. Make prevention your daily deed and schedule your
clicks today or visit one of the links on the left to see how you can help.

For Today's Daily Action, cast your vote for the International Medical Corps and help bring hope to malnourished children.
If you're not a cardholder, be sure you share this action with friends and family who are so IMC can get the funding it needs to help malnourished children!

The Bible Site
Right now, 200 million Christians are living under restriction for their faith in Jesus Christ.
Most do not even have their own copy of the Bible, the one weapon they must have in order to be victorious in the spiritual battles they face every day. You can provide your suffering brothers and sisters with a portion of God's Word at no cost to you.

Help The Environment
Your click below gives free donations to 10+ great causes dedicated to helping the environment!

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Find A Cure
Your click below gives free donations to 10+ great causes dedicated to finding cures to medical problems!

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End Hunger And Poverty
Your click below gives free donations to 10+ great causes dedicated to ending hunger!

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Help Save Animals
Your click below gives free donations to 5+ great causes dedicated to saving animals!

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Uncle Bens® Help Uncle Bens® Feed Hungry Children - Join Uncle Bens® in the fight against hunger.
Sign Ben´s Journal. Anytime a Club Uncle Bens® member adds his or her name to the journal,
we´ll donate money to Feeding America Kids Cafe®, the most expansive child-feeding program in the nation. Our Troops Need Your Support! The USO's commitment is to always "be there" for the troops.
But we're not a government agency; to do our job, we need you!
Help Us Serve Those Who Serve Us. Give to the USO.

Hunger Fighters Hunger Fighters is a triple bottom line hunger-fighting portal committed to fighting hunger of the whole person in earth-friendly
ways. This means that we are concerned about people and the planet in the process of providing high quality, value-added services
that will make profits to sustain the business. We provide daily opportunities for you to make a difference by clicking on hunger buttons to donate free food to the hungry.

Microsoft® The i’m Initiative from Microsoft® makes helping social causes easy.
Every time you use Windows Live™ Messenger or Windows Live Hotmail®, our free webmail service,
we'll share a portion of our advertising revenue with the cause you choose from among our partner social cause organizations. Join The FreeCycle Yahoo Group Nearest You.
You Can Ask For Things You Need And Post Things You Want To Give Away! (US)

Christian Childrens Fund Sponsor A Child

American Forests Every Dollar Plants A Tree! American Forests works to protect, restore and enhance the natural capital of trees and forests.
Healthy forests filter water, remove air pollution, sequester carbon, and provide homes for wildlife.
Help plant trees to restore areas damaged by wildfire, where critical wildlife habitat has been lost, and to clean our air and water.

Aid For Teens Donations will be distributed evenly to the following charities:
Bridgeway - Building new lives for pregnant teens and their children since 1986.
Covenant House - Covenant House is a childcare agency in the United States which provides shelter and services to homeless and runaway youth.
Children of the Night - Rescuing America's children from the ravages of street prostitution.

Share Your Life Become an Organ Donor today. Take the opportunity to give another person a second chance at LIFE.
Organ and tissue transplants offer patients a new chance at healthy, productive, normal lives and return them to their
families, friends and communities. You have the power to change someone's world by being a donor. It's about living. It's about Life.

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