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Luckaroo Join Luckaroo, the Google-powered search engine that lets you win cool prizes just for searching! Search with Luckaroo just like you would with Google. Every time you do a search (up to 25 per day), you are automatically entered in the Luckaroo Instant Win sweepstakes. Every day, we give away cool prizes just for doing searches on If your search is a winner, you will see a special page to let you know youíve won. Log in to your account, or fill in your information to claim your prize. Most winners have a choice of prizes. Itís that easy! Of course, when you do win, we wonít use your personal information for anything except to send you your prize. (US)

SpotWinner Follow the link to SpotWinner, a site where you can watch ads online and earn sweepstakes entries to win cash and prizes each week! If you use this link to register, you will receive an extra 5 entries for your first sweepstakes! One friend has already won (5) $25 Giftcards and (3) $5 Giftcards THIS WEEK!! (US)

Points & Prizes Come and earn points at Points & Prizes! An easy way for you to earn points and turn them into prizes! You can win things like movie and TV show DVD's, CD's, Clothes, Gift Cards, Books, Calendars, Planners, Magazines and other cool stuff! Plus, you get points for referring your friends! In the biggest Swag Bucks news since, well, the invention of Swag Bucks, we have unleashed MEGA SWAG BUCKS! You can now WIN 10, 20, 50 & 100 SWAG BUCK BILLS as you search the web every single day! But wait, there's more! We're introducing 1,000 Swag Buck Fridays! Every Friday, we GUARANTEE that 1,000 SWAG BUCKS will be awarded in Big Value Swag Bucks to users just like you! It's never been easier, or faster, to WIN BIG! Get your friends to sign up and when they win so will you!

eZanga I found a new search site that works great! It even has a referral program that let's you earn entries into a monthly cash giveaway and I thought you would be interested in joining. Some of the people I know in my Freebie Groups have already won $50.00 & more! You just log into the site once a day to get entries and refer people for more entries! That's it!

Blingo If you guys haven't used Blingo yet I highly recommend it! It's a search engine that randomly gives away 1,000's of prizes daily! It's totally free and you don't even need to register!! I've been using Blingo to search the web. It's just like searching at Google or Yahoo except Blingo gives away prizes, like iPods and PlayStation Portables. Check it out and sign up as my Blingo Friend!

SurveyPayDay They will pay you to fill out online surveys and for telling your friends. Get paid $1 - $25 per survey!

InboxCash You tell us how much you want to be paid. We give you the opportunity to choose how much you want to be paid for receiving an e-mail advertisement, filling out a survey, signing up or visiting one of our advertisers web sites. You tell us how often you want to receive e-mail advertising. We will send you e-mails as often as you like, every day, every week, every 2 weeks or every month. The choice is yours to make. You tell us where you are located and what sort of things interest you. We will send you targeted e-mail based on your profile and location, our advertisers will be able to select the members who will be interested in what they are offering. This level of targeting is important to our advertisers and we share the benefits with you. Then you can use our referral center to tell you friends. We will also pay you a $10 bonus for each of your referrals ! Sign Up Now!

SendMoreInfo Get Cash For Reading Email! This is awesome! You get paid to read email! They send you information about things you are interested in and they pay you to check it out! **I have received checks from them yearly since I signed up with them a few years ago. All I have to do is click on the link in the email and nothing else, and I get paid!** Win free prizes and earn money just by giving your honest opinions. Each time you qualify and complete a survey, you'll be paid. In addition, ithink has regular drawings for large cash prizes (usually around $200). Sign-up now to become eligible for on-going surveys. Rest assured that your name and information will be used ONLY to email you about sponsored survey opportunities. All information is completely confidential. Ithink is only interested in your honest opinions to the questions in each survey. This information will help companies develop products and communications that appeal to people like you.

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