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Flix Sticks® Free Sample Of Flix Sticks® & a Coupon. Flix Sticks® are a interdental stick and floss all in one! (Worldwide)

Med Shields® Free Sample of MedShields® Disposable Eye Shields (US, Email Request) Senior Eyecare Program - Medical Eye Exams for Eligible Seniors for No Out-of-Pocket Cost! (US)

SmartMouth Take the SmartMouth Survey & Receive Free Product Samples & Coupons (US)

Colgate® Free Colgate® Battery-Powered Toothbrush - Register for an account and keep a log of your child’s brushing progress. Once you reach 45 points you can redeem the points for a Free Battery Powered Toothbrush from Colgate®. (US)

Dentek® Free $20 Gift Pack from Dentek® + Sign Up For Special Offers (US)

National Foundation Of Dentistry For The Handicapped State DDS Programs - In each state at least one program coordinator is responsible for determining that applicants are either disabled, elderly or medically compromised and have no other way for paying for dental care. See site for details. (US)

OralCare Join the OralCare Product Review Team and receive Free Oral Care Product Samples to try in your home, and provide to your friends and family. By joining, you will be able to provide product feedback directly to the manufacturers of the samples that you receive. The more feedback you provide, the more samples you will receive. (International)

AquaFresh Free Sample Tube of AquaFresh Extreme Clean Toothpaste! (US)

STaiNo® Free Sample of StaiNo® On-The-Go Teeth Whitener (Worldwide)

Sendodyne Free Sample Of Sensodyne ProNamel or Sensodyne For Sensitive Teeth (US)

Uncle Harrys Free Sample of Uncle Harrys Tooth Powder. Call (425) 558-4251. (US)

Mid-Continental Dental Supply Free Sample of "Exceed" Denture Cleaner (Canada & US Only)

Knock Out Bad Breath Free 0.5 oz Sample of Oxyfresh Toothpaste (US)


Warner-Lambert FREE Sample of Listerine Mouthwash! (AU)

Canard-de-Bombay To Receive a FREE Seven Day Sample of Kiss Breath®, please send $2.95 S&H.

LACLEDE Free Samples Of BIOTENE Dental Products - Send an e-mail to request your free sample.

Fixodent FREE Sample of Fixodent! “Fixodent & Forget It!” “Share the Vision Sight for Students” is a program founded by Vision Service Plan (VSP). The program provides vision exams and glasses to uninsured children across the country. (US)

All About Vision Free "Fresh Look" Disposable Contact Lenses.

Uncle Harrys Natural Tooth Powder - Free Sample (US & Canada)

M.D. Partnership Free Vision Tester! The Macular Degeneration Partnership's mission is to create a national partnership in the field of aging to fight macular degeneration. Become a Partner by filling out their form and you will receive a magnetic Amsler Grid so you can test your vision daily. (US Only)

Bausch & Lomb Free Sample of Alaway Eye Drops (US)

02OPTIX® Free Sample Pair of 02OPTIX® Breathable Contact Lenses!

Bausch & Lomb Get a Free Trial! See, Feel and Try PureVision, PureVision Toric for astigmatism, or PureVision Multi-Focal contact lenses. (Click on "Try" and Print out the certificate and take it to your eyecare center)

Bausch & Lomb® Free Renu Multiplus® Contact Lens Solution!

PureVision® Free Trial Pair of PureVision® Contact Lenses! Simply print out and present this certificate to your eye care professional, who will conduct a thorough examination of your eyes. If, based on your exam, your eye care professional prescribes Bausch & Lomb® PureVision® contact lenses, you may redeem this certificate for your free trial pair. (US, Alaska & Hawaii)

Eye Test Free Eye Test Online!

Easy Eyes Easy Eyes - Complete the order form for a free contact cleaner accessory pad. (SASE)

Phoenix Dental Free Sample of Dental Super Seal.

Lexa Offer Free Safety Glasses!

Crest Crest “WhiteStrips.” Get a $7.00 Off Coupon and Save $2 on Crest Healthy Radiance (International)

Mentadent® Register now and you will not only get updates on Mentadent® products and other exclusive offers, you will become a part of the Mentadent® team. Occasionally, we may want to contact you to help develop the next generation of Mentadent® products. You're always on the pulse of the latest trends, so we're looking to you for fresh ideas.

Crest White Strips Save $10 On Crest Whitestrips Supreme! Free Printable Rebate for $7.00 Off Your Next Purchase of Crest Whitestrips. (In Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Miracle Grip Free 10 DAY SAMPLE of Miracle Grip Denture Adhesive (US)

US Dentek Free Dental Samples (US)

AquaFresh Ultimate Free Sample Of AquaFresh Ultimate White & Shine Toothpaste. Click on "Special Offers" (US)

Sensodyne Free Sample Tube Of Sensodyne Toothpaste (US)

DDS4U FREE Toothbrush for the Kids! Click On "Freebies"

Clean Breath FREE Tongue Cleaners! Attack Bad Breath! An Instant & Permanent Cure For Bad Breath! Up to 5 samples, 1 of each product, are available at absolutely no charge, however, there is a NOMINAL SHIPPING AND HANDLING CHARGES determined by the quantity of your sample order. Assorted colors will be shipped. (US)

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