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Here Are Some Easy Tips and Hints To Make Your Freebie Hunting Experience Much Smoother!
Feel Free To Send Any Tips You May Have & I Will Review Them & Add Them To Our List!

1.) Create An Extra Email Address: Open an extra email account that you can use just for receiving freebies. You can go to sites like, or's Creating a new account will help you from getting any unwanted SPAM that is often associated with signing up for Freebies delivered to your primary email account.

2.) Use Caution When Utilizing "Free Sites": Be very careful when you're searching for Freebies on other so called "free sites". There are MANY Freebie Sites that use nothing but Affiliate Links. These Affiliate Links are links that require you to make a purchase, pay for shipping and handling fee's, sign up for offer's and deal's or do multiple surveys in order to receive the Freebie. Many of these "Freebie Sites" have been known to never send the Freebie you've signed up for.

The Best Daily Freebies does use Affiliate Links throughout the website in order to pay for the domains expenses. I am providing a Freebie Site for the public and running such a large site is very time comsuming. I take time out of my busy schedule to provide a great place to get Free Offers, Coupons and Shopping Deals. The MAJORITY of the Freebie's posted on this site are REAL and LEGITIMATE Freebies. Please report any Free Offer that you feel is not legitimate. Thank you!

3.) This Site Does Not Give Away Free Samples: The Freebies and Offer's that are posted on this site are linked to outside sites that are offering the Freebie. Most of the Freebies are offered from Genuine Brand Name websites that are running promotional offers. Those are the companies who are most likely to send you the Freebie they are offering. The Best Daily Freebies site does NOT send the Freebies to you. Not ALL Free Offers will arrive to you as promised. Many sites pull the offer's due to running out of the free item or because they have learned their offer was posted on a Freebie Site. In some cases they will cease mailing the Freebie before they've removed the link to the page on their site. There are many sites to this day, that still have Freebies posted on their site, but they have never pulled the offer page from their website.

4.) Please Be Patient: Most Freebie offers will have "Stat Comments" such as, "Your free sample is on it's way, and will arrive in approximately 4 to 8 weeks". Just be patient, because most Free Samples do take some time before they are packaged and shipped to you. Also, whenever you are asked, "Where did you find out about this offer?" It's usually a good idea to say that you found it through a "friend" or "web search" and NOT on a Freebie Site. They may not send you the Freebie if they know their offer was posted on a Freebie website.

5.) Trying To Find Freebies On Your Own: If you are trying to search for Freebies on your own, you can try emailing or calling the companies who carry products that you're personally interested in. They like to receive emails from customers who "praise their products and offers". In many instances, these companies will mail you coupons for a free product or a substantial savings off the purchase price of a product.

6.) Make Your Freebie Experience Fun and Enjoyable: Joining Freebie Groups on sites such as, MSN Groups, and other Online Communities like is a fun and enjoyable way to get immediate emails when a NEW Freebie has been posted. With so many people in the Freebie Game, they often have access to personal email offers and other many other sources in which they learn of a new "Free Offer", "Promotion" or "Giveaway". It's also a great way to connect with other people, share Recipes, Frugal Living Tips, Crafts, and so much more.

7.) Sign Up For Newsletters: Signing up to receive Newsletter's from Freebie Sites you know and trust is another great way to get great Free Offers and Deals. Many Freebie Site Owners have a "Freebie Newsletter" they send out on a daily or weekly schedule. These Newsletters will notify you by email when there are New Free Samples & Offers available.

8.) Pro's & Con's Of Freebie Hunting: As with most things, there are always the "Pro's & Con's" to Freebie Hunting.

♥ The "Con's" of Freebie Hunting: You may end up receiving more SPAM email than you'd like. Unfortunately, we cannot always decipher whether a website is 100% legitimate. I do take the time to look at a website before I post the offer to make sure it's legitimate. Although, there are some people out there who set up "FAKE" Free Offer Pages to lure people in so that they can get their name, address, phone number and email address to sell. These people are called, "Email Harvester's". They are scumbags who are making a profit by selling your personal information. However, this is not always the case, but you must be made aware that these people DO exist. Once you get familiar with certain Freebie Sites, you can usually tell when a site's page doesn't look right, i.e., fake looking logo's, company name and copyright date, or the date they opened the website. These websites usually have very little information about who they are or where they are located. They also make it difficult for you to contact them by email or phone. You can always do a "WHOIS" search on their domain name to find out more about the person or company running the site.

BEWARE of the Freebie Sites with names that start with the word "Free". There are many Freebie Sites out there like,,, and other's that use the word "free" in the beginning of their URL address.

♥ The "Pro's" of Freebie Hunting: You can really find some fantastic FREE Offers! I've received MANY full-sized products, Gift Cards, Coupons for Free Products, and so much more. I have also started entering lot's of Sweepstakes and Contests, which I have posted on the "Sweepstakes" and "Contests" pages of this site. These are legitimate, well-known companies. I've also met some really wonderful people with whom I've been friends with for many years. There are also some reputable "Survey & Reward" sites out there like, Pinecone Research, Greenfield Online, and many other's I have listed on the "Miscellaneous Earning" and "Earn Points & Rewards" pages of this site.

The Freebie Game can be fun and exciting and it can also be very disappointing at times. Just remember, you're getting MANY FREE OFFERS that most people don't even know exist online. It can definately help when it comes to needing that something extra when you've run out of something like laundry detergent or shampoo, or having extra gifts around the house to give out at Christmas time or for a Birthday!

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Happy Freebie Hunting!

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