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Kleenex® Create your own Kleenex® Oval tissue box and bring your personal style and vision to life. Celebrate a special occasion, feature a silly moment or simply show anything that makes you smile. Only $4.99 USD + Shipping! (US)

Pringles® Pop Art Design Your Own Pringles® Can With These Free Templates! Great Gift Idea! You Can Use Their Images Or Upload Your Own!

SpotWinner Follow the link to SpotWinner, a site where you can watch ads online and earn sweepstakes entries to win cash and prizes each week! If you use this link to register, you will receive an extra 5 entries for your first sweepstakes! One friend has already won (5) $25 Giftcards and (3) $5 Giftcards THIS WEEK!! (US)

Chicago Tribune - Head Candy Free Printable John McCain, Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden Halloween Face Masks

SelectSoftNow Free Games for your enjoyment! Sit back, relax, and take a little break with SelectsoftOnline! Over 20 fun and entertaining free games, from action to puzzle and more!

Factory Tours USA List Of Factory Tours By State (US)

CapCom Free Okami Cover Artwork for your Nintendo Wii! To better reflect the artistic nature of the game, we're proud to offer you new art for the outside of the box. You can choose from one of three designs: Redesigned original cover art or one of two new pieces to make your copy of Okami for the Wii stand out in your video game collection. All three art pieces are sized to fit the box for Okami. (US and Canada)

Addicting Games Free Online Gaming Site

Scratch Lotto Free Instant Win Game (Worldwide) Free Online Games Like Bingo, Video Poker, Slots & More! (US)

Unleash The Magic Free "Magic: The Gathering" Starter Pack. The Ultimate Strategy Card Game (UK & ROI)

DLTK Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles

Best Buy TONS of Free Games To Download! Plus Free Online Games!

Bridal Shower Games Free Bridal Shower Party Games Internets Largest Collection! Printable Wedding Theme Activities for Bachelorette Parties. Free Video Game! When you register you get 100 credits. Find a game for 100 credits, request it and wait for it to be sent to you! This is a trading site, so they are USED games. (US & Canada)

Monster Genocide Membership is free!! Listening to the episodes is free!! Sign up today and access the Monster Forum plus members only special features such as custom profiles and outtakes of the episodes and the Super Secret Decoder Ring.

VariTalk Free Personalized Prank with Varitalk, celebrities and characters can connect with fans on a one-to-one level, with personalized talking messages that are as unique as each individual. It's viral, word-of-mouth marketing that literally speaks to each fan in a way that's entertaining, engaging and effective.

Trivia Free-For-All! Play Trivia, Puzzles & More!

Kabalarians Just For Fun! Get a FREE “Basic Name Analysis!” Win Real Cash!! Play Bingo, Cash Cow, Casino Games, Trivia, & More! Registration is FREE! Good Luck! This is the coolest place to play the real slot machines you see in Las Vegas but for FREE! They look and sound just like the real thing! It's sooooo addiciting!

Say it in a Song Free Vocal Greeting Tags! Here's a neat idea. This site offers FREE vocal greeting tags, which are sound files you can attach to your e-mails to spice up any occasion. Offers current listed are " Happy Birthday" and "Congratulations". They are working on adding additional tags.

Go Piano FREE Online Piano Lessons!

A Fun Zone A Fun Zone 750 pages big with over 10,000 things to do! All Free!

Learn2Mail Free Microphone and Cool Fun Page!

Activity Village Keeping Kid's Busy!

Piano Lessons! Free Cassette Tape "Color-Chord Magic", Free Piano Lessons, Free Catalog, Download & More!

Crayola Kids Join Crayola.Com!

Coloring Fun! Free Printable Coloring Pages for Christmas, Valentines, and Easter, animals and flowers. Also download a free software coloring book for kids.

One Funny Guy Free pair of fancy oriental glasses from "One Funny Guy!"

Play Bingo Online Whether you play bingo online already or are thinking of starting, there's only one place to come -! We feature the best online bingo rooms on the net, all tried and tested for you before you play! We also list all the latest promotions and sign up offers so before you play online, you can be assured you get the best value! For a limited time only, we are also giving a free bingo dabber away to anyone signing up to our newsletter!!!

Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab! Free science experiments for parents, teachers, and children. Having a rough day? Click over to this humor site for a load of hilarious jokes. Topics include computers, family, men, blonde jokes, lawyer jokes and more. There's also a free joke newsletter you can sign up for.

Virtual Insults! Here, the fine art of insults is personified. There's someone out there who's annoying you and you want to tell them what you REALLY think. Virtual Insults has got what you need. You won't find any sappy "I love you" Hallmark sentiments here. You can send someone a witty (or not so witty) insult, complete with sound effects (such as a toilet flushing, etc.) Perfect for all "occasions."

NeoPets! This unique, free service lets you design your online virtual pet. Once you've created a virtual pet here, you can participate in a variety of activities with them: play games, chat and win prizes.

Cursor Fun! Here's a fun, freeware program that randomly changes the appearance of the mouse cursor. It allows you to choose which cursor to change, what type of cursor to change it to, and how often you'd like to swap the cursor. Cursor Fun is great for playing a trick on an unsuspecting user, or for those who get bored easily with their desktop. 160 kilobytes. (For Windows 98/95/NT).

Text-O-Matic Although not designed specifically as a joke service, Text-O-Matic offers many possibilities for Webmasters who'd like to play a prank on their visitors. Here, you can easily generate interactive custom messages for your site's visitors. You can even display "Big Brother is Watching You" type info about your visitors: what browser they're using; what site they just clicked in from; etc., (which is sure to give newbies the chills!)

The FaRt Machine! Ruh Roh! Here's a completely useless freeware program that offers rude noises "for your listening pleasure." Install the Fart Machine, open the program from your start menu, and simply double click on the rude sound that you want to hear. From the wacky guys at (For Windows 95/98).

Headache! This freeware prank program lives up to its name. That is: it'll definitely give you a headache. Be sure to view the disclaimer before viewing. You may also send HeadAche as a postcard. (115 kilobytes). For Windows 98/95/NT.

Bar Eyes! Put a pair of animated eyes on your Windows 95 tray. These eyes follow your cursor around; wink and even sleep. Not the most useful program around but a lot of fun.

Egglad Play Free Games & Win Prizes at Egglad!

Black Screen This free program will cause your victims' screen to go black or capture the desktop & display a bitmap image. The victim of your prank will then be unable to close the screen without a password. Black Screen can be used as a joke gag or for security purposes. Here's the home page. (For Windows 95/98).

Fake Format Drive your friends(?) insane with this cruel prank program. Fake Format is a free "utility" that when executed, gives the appearance that your hard drive is being formated. Your victim will be unable to stop or close this clever, realistic program. It even creates hard drive noise while it is "formatting." (For Windows 95/98).

The Finger Prank! Launch this free prank program on your unsuspecting victim and watch their reaction when the Windows cursor changes to a rude gesture that involves the middle finger! By default, this program will switch the standard cursor to a finger every five seconds, but you can configure how often the cursor will change. (For Windows 98/95). 142 kilobytes.

Program/WAV Launcher This free, sneaky gag program offers all kinds of possibilities for driving your buddies bananas. It's a hidden program launcher that'll execute a specified program or .WAV file at intervals that you choose. You can specify when the program or sound file will be launched, as well as how often it'll be launched. Fun! (For Windows 95/98).

Crazy Num Caps Scroll Gag Program I know from personal experience that this prank program can drive someone crazy! This free "utility" will toggle the Num Lock or Scroll Lock keys at intervals that you can specify. You can set up which keys to toggle and how often they'll be toggled. New version includes command line support for Num, Caps and Scroll Lock. (For Windows 95/98).

Click Me! Install this free joke program and it displays a button on the desktop. When your prank victim moves their mouse to click on the button, it moves elsewhere! Lots of fun. (For Windows 95/98).

Joke Windows "Splash" Screens! Here's a collection of funny alternative free splash screens for your Windows 98/95 machine. Various gags are here including "This is Windows 95 on drugs..." (which cycles through various colors while booting) and "We are Microsoft. Resistance is futile..." (which features a scary-looking cyborg character).

Crazy Page Counter A joke page counter for your Web site, available in both Java and animated GIF versions.

Online Telephone The send 4 fun online telephone! Offers high quality, original animated and funny content. A great source for the latest hilarious interactive cartoons from all your favorite online entertainment destinations.

Fun & Silly Greetings! Funny animated greetings, dancing pages, jokes, cartoons and all kinds of fun.

Funny Album Collection of the best funny pics for any age and gender. Send funny cards to your friends. The best collection of free funny pictures.

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