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Pedia-Lax® Free Moneysaving Coupons For Pedia-Lax® Quick Dissolve Strips and Chewable Tablets (US)

Aleve® Free Printable $1 Off Coupon for Aleve®. Click Here To Get Coupon By Mail (US)

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Sudacare® Free Printable $2 Off Coupon For Sudacare® Vapor Products (US)

RID® Free Printable $2 Off Coupon For RID® Products (US)

BAYER® Free Printable $2 Off Coupon For BAYER® Heart Advantage Products (US)

Citracal® Free Printable $2 Off Coupon For Citracal® Products (US)

Bausch & Lomb® Free Printable Moneysaving Coupon Offers From Bausch & Lomb® (US)

Diabetic Products Get Great Money-Saving Coupons from Health Care Products (US)

Nature Made® For a Limited Time, Nature Made® is offering a $3 Off Coupon when you try SAM-e. (US)

DESIGNER WHEY® $2 Off One Box of PROTEIN•2GO and 1 FREE PROTEIN•2GO Single Pack to Sample in Any Flavor (US)

DIFFERIN® DIFFERIN® (Adapalene) Rebate & A FREE Trial (Acne Medication) - Get $25 Off! Complete the form and submit. Print the rebate coupon and fill your DIFFERIN® Product prescription. Mail the rebate coupon and your original dated pharmacy receipt and you will receive your refund check. (US)

ACT® Download Moneysaving Coupons For ACT® Floride Rinse & ACT® Restoring Mouthwash (US)

TUMS® Save $2.25 On TUMS® Quick Pak (US)

Life Time Fitness Free 7-Day Trial Pass (See Site For Details)

Mederma® Save $3.00 Off Mederma® Cream - Works for old and new scars resulting from surgery, injury, burns, acne and stretch marks. (US)

AlphaBetic® Save $2.00 on your next Alphabetic® Purchase - Multi Vitamin, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Cinnamon Plus Chromium & Biotin and Omega-3 EPA & DHA Fish Oil Supplements For Diabetics (US)

Dittie® .50 Cent Off Coupon For Dittie® Tampons - Available Stores Listed At Bottom Of Page (US)

Commit® Commit To Win! Save $5.00 Off Your Purchase Of Commit® Lozenges (US)

MedTrackAlert Sign Up & Get Brand Name Health Product Samples, Coupons, Rebates and Discounts (US)

FlexNow® Free Wristlet and $5 Coupon Off Your Next Purchase Of FlexNow® (US)

Balmex® Free Printable $1.00 Off Coupon For Balmex® Diaper Rash Ointment (US)

Licefreee! Non-Toxic Head Lice Treatment Free Download of Licfreee ID Guide in English and Spanish (.pdf format). $2.00 Coupon is in the Guide.

CORTAID® Sign up to receive updates, coupons and special offers on CORTAID® products (US)

Ivy Block Save $1.00 on Ivy Block and/or Ivy Complete! Click here to download both coupons. (US)

ZICAM® Free Money-saving Coupons for ZICAM® Sinus & Congestion Products (US)

ameal bp™ Print a Coupon to save $3 instantly on your next purchase of ameal bp™. Redeem at Walgreens, CVS/pharmacy, Longs Drugs, or Raley's (US)

Caltrate Free Money-saving Coupon For Caltrate (US)

K-Y Free $2.00 Off Coupon For K-Y Liquibeads Long Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer (US)

Dr. Scholls® Free Money-saving Coupons for several Dr. Scholls® Products (US)

Mederma® Free Downloadable $3.00 Off Coupon for Mederma® Cream for Scars (US)

LISTERINE® Free $1.00 Off Coupon for LISTERINE® SMART RINSE™ for Kids (US)

OcuFresh® Free Money-saving Coupons for OcuFresh® Eyecare Products. Click on "Coupons" at the bottom of the page. (US)

MONISTAT® Get $2.00 off any MONISTAT® Combination Pack, including our new MONISTAT® 3-Day OVULE® Insert Treatment!

Glucerna® Save $1.25 On Any Great Tasting Glucerna® Product. Enjoy savings on one (1) multi-pack of Glucerna® Shakes or Snack Shakes; one (1) box of Glucerna® Mini-Snack Bars, Snack Bars, or Meal Bars; or one (1) box of Glucerna® Cereal. (United States, Puerto Rico, and U.S. territories only) Free $5 Off Coupon for ORTHO TRI-CYCLEN LO (US, This offer is restricted for residents of Massachusetts and Michigan. For Massachusetts and Michigan residents, this offer is valid for cash-paying customers only, i.e., those who do not have any prescription coverage).

MOTRIN® Save $1.00 Off Your Next Purchase Of MOTRIN®!

ABREVA Free Money-Saving Coupons For ABREVA! (Printable Coupons)

Beano $1.00 Off Coupon For Beano, plus a Free Information Card.

Zantac-75 Free $5.00 Off Coupon For Zantac-75 For Heartburn (US)

PEPCID® Save $1 Off PEPCID® Complete or $1 Off Maximum Strength PEPCID® AC (US)

Wyeth Save $2.00 Off Preparation H® (US)

NASONEX® Save up to $120 a year with NASONEX® Personalized Savings Program coupons. Sign up and print out your first money-saving coupon right now. You'll save up to $10 when you give the coupon to your pharmacist. Come back to to print out additional coupons every time you need to refill your prescription. (US)

LiceMD® Free Downloadable $1.00 Off Coupon for LiceMD® (US)

Colgate Total® Free Money-Saving Coupon For Colgate Total® Toothpaste!

ValuPage Money-Saving Coupon for Mentadent's® Sensitive Plus Toothpaste! Click on the "SmartSource" Link At The Bottom Of The Page.

MYLANTA® Supreme Free MYLANTA® Printable Money-Saving Coupon!

Nicorette® Save $5.00 On Nicorette® Fruit Chill Gum!

Claritin® Printable Moneysaving Coupons for Claritin® Products (US)

SmartSource® New offers are added weekly for savings on brands like Healthy Choice®, Lactaid®, Maalox®, Motrin®, Mylanta®, Theraflu®, and more!

Astelin® Save $10.00 Off Your Next Purchase of Astelin®! Click on "Offers & Incentives".

Actos® Right now, you may be able to save up to $50 on your prescription for ACTOS or the ACTOS combination product. Check out the ACTOS Advantage™ Program and find out if you qualify. Sign up now to receive updates about content and features, and free information regarding ACTOS and diabetes.

Lactaid® Free Sample of Lactaid® & Money-Saving Coupon!

Motrin® Save $1.00 On Motrin® Now!

Tylenol® Save On Any Tylenol® Products With Free Coupons! Just Click on the "Save 1.00 On Any Tylenol® Product" to go to the coupons.

Advil® Cold & Sinus Get a $2.00 Coupon For Advil® Cold & Sinus!

Excedrin® Get $2.00 Off Excedrin® Migraine

DEPEND® Get $2.00 off your next purchase of DEPEND® Underwear (US & Canada)

Rembrandt® Free $7.50 Treatment Coupon or $2 Toothpaste Coupon (US & Canada)

AquaFresh Free Printable Coupon for $1.00 off New Aquafresh Advanced 2X Whitening Toothpaste (US)

AquaFresh Free $2.00 Off Coupon of AquaFresh Advance Toothpaste. (US)

Imodium® Free Coupons for Fast-dissolving Imodium A-D EZ Chews. *Adults* and Liquid for children! (US)

Baby Orajel® The most precious teeth in the world need the right care. Baby Orajel® Tooth & Gum Cleanser cleans your baby's teeth, is safe to swallow, fluoride-free, and comes in two great flavors. It's how the best teeth get started. Visit for more information and a $1.50 rebate.

AdvilPM Save $2.00 On AdvilPM!

Nature Made® Free Money-saving Coupons for Nature Made® Brand Vitamins! Become a member today and receive $5 in printable Nature Made® and Nature's Resource® coupons.

Bausch & Lomb Check For Money-Saving Coupons.

FIRST RESPONSE® Get a FREE Pregnancy Calculator, and money-saving coupons.

Tylenol® Printable Money Saving Coupons For Tylenol® Products. (US)

Natures Plus Register Today For Free Coupons From Natures Plus!

Wyeth® Wyeth® Consumer Healthcare Special Offers! Many Free Printable Money Saving Coupons. (US)

Bayer® Click here to go to Bayer® Products Page. There is a complete listing of every product they make. You can click on the product of your choice to go directly to their site for "Special Offers & Coupons!"

Aleve® Save $1.00 On Aleve®. (Right Side of Page)

Bayer® Sign up to receive the "Bayer Heart to Heart" Newsletter with money-saving coupons on Bayer® Aspirin Products.

Alka-Seltzer® Save .75 Off your next purchase of Alka-Seltzer®!

Flintstones® Vitamins Free Downloadable Growth Chart!

MIDOL® Helps you get rid of your symptoms so you can get on with your life. It's strong on menstrual cramps, plus it relieves bloating, fatigue and even breast tenderness. Free Downloadable Brochure!

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