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Abbott Diabetes Care Call 1-877-236-6030 or Log In Today For A Free FreeStyle Lite Blood Glucose Meter & Starter Test Strips (US)

Diabetes Research Wellness Foundation Free Diabetes ID Necklace (US, SASE)

Beata Clasp Free Sample of the Beata® Clasp (Worldwide, Healthcare Professionals)

OUCH PACK® Free "Ouch Pack" Sampler - The kit contains 10 adhesive strips, 2 gauze pads and 2 antiseptic wipes for cleaning and disinfecting wounds prior to affixing the sterile dressing(s). (US, Businesses & Organizations)

Diet Edge 3 Free Trial Size Samples Of Faster Than Glucosamine® Topical Pain Creme (US)

Caralox® Free Sample of Caralox® Acid Reflux OR Free Sample of Caralox® PhytoTherapeutic (US)

Cranberry USA Free Exam Gloves & Face Masks (US, Medical Profesionals)

GlucoBurst Free Sample Of GlucoBurst, the Fast-acting Glucose Gel (US)

George Town University Hospital Request your Free BuddyCheck 9 Breast Health Kit and Tools which includes important information on breast cancer health and tools to help you remember your monthly breast self-exam. (US)

HYALGAN Join OASIS Today (for Osteoarthritis) and receive FREE Exercise Bands to help you on the road to knee pain relief. (US)

Psoriasis Solution Free .34 oz. Sample of Psorent Psoriasis Topical Solution (US)

Free Sample Childrens Motrin Cold Remedy (Call In - VERIFIED) Grab your free trial of pain reliever for little ones. McNeil Pharmaceuticals is giving away samples of their children's pain relief and cold remedies. Call (800) 962-5357 and press #1 for the free offer. Give your name, address and the type of free sample you'll be requesting. You'll need to request Infants Motrin, Childrens Motrin or Childrens Motrin Cold Remedy. (US)

Oxy Life Select from up to 5 Free Samples of Oxy Life Brand Nutritional Supplements (US)

Bayer Easy Care Free Bayer Glucose Meter Batteries Every Year! *NOTE* If You Are Not A Member, You Must Join, Scroll To The Right Side Of The Page And You Will See A Link To Join. (US)

LACTAID® Free Sample of LACTAID® Fast Act Dietary Supplements (US)

Harbor Hospital Free Orthopedic Health Kit - The Kit includes a quiz, brochure and lotion packs. (Maryland, DC, Virginia, Delaware & Pennsylvania Only)

Why-Gel-Works® Free Health Product Samples (US)

Don't Bite Me® Free "Don't Bite Me®" Natural Insect Repellant Patch Sample (US, Email Request)

Ganaden Biotech Free Samples of Digestive Advantage® Products. Six To Choose From (US)

Memory Secret, Inc. Free Sample Pack of Intelectol® Dietary Supplement For Memory (Available to residents of the 48 continental United States, UK, Belgium, Netrherlands, Canada and Luxembourg Only)

Airborne® Health Free Sample of Airborne® Power Pixies (US)

Little Remedies® Free Sample of Little Noses® Saline Spray/Drops or Little Noses® Decongestant Nose Drops For Children (US, Medical Professionals Only)

WSBTV-Atlanta Free Flu Survival Kit From Tenet Hospitals of Georgia (US)

Aearo Free E-A-R® Plug Samples (US) Free Samples Of Oscillococcinum® — The #1 homeopathic medicine for flu. If you are a healthcare professional and would like free samples of Oscillo (restrictions may apply), please fill out the form or if you have any questions, please call: 888-264-7668. (US, Medical Practices)

Masada Spa® Free Sample Packet of Masada's® Psorialeve Skin Calming Cream (US)

AM Med Direct Free Better Care Kit & Bonus Cook Book For Diabetics. Also 2 Bonus Gifts When You Call (US)

NERU® Free Sample of Neru® Patch Foot And Leg Discomfort (US)

UniFiber® Free Sample of UniFiber® (US)

Glucocil® Free (40) Capsule Sample for Type II Diabetics (US, $1.68 S&H)

Eumo Skin Products Free Eumobase® Skin Lotion Sample For Eczema & Itchy Skin (UK)

EstrovenPM® Free Sample of EstrovenPM® & Money-saving Coupon (US)

TheraCran® Free 3-Day Sample of TheraCran® (US)

MenopauseRx® Sign up for the Free MenopauseRx® Survival Kit to receive free educational materials, full size samples and coupons for products to relieve menopause symptoms and address pertinent health concerns. (US)

VCF® Get (3) Free VCF® - Vaginal Contraceptive Film Samples (US)

ZipVit Free 1-A-Day Glucosamine Sulphate Sample (UK)

Med Response Free Sample of Biofreeze® Pain Relieving Gel (US)

Enliven Services Free SHARPS® Container from Enliven for Needles and Lancets (US)

Eucerin® Free Sample of Eucerin® Plus Intensive Repair Foot Cream (US)

Eucerin® Free Sample Of Eucerin® Calming Cream (US)

Eucerin® Free Sample of Eucerin® Redness Relief Cream (US) *New Link* Free Sample of Eucerin® Aquaphor Healing Ointment (US)

Stopain® Free Sample of Stopain® Spray For Arthritis Pain, Back Pain, and Joint Pain (US)

Back Soothe® Free Sample of Back Soothe® (US)

ZingiberRX® Free 7g Sample of ZingiberRx® Topical Pain Reliever (US & Canada)

StaphAseptic® Free Sample of StaphAseptic® (US)

Sober X® Three Free Samples Of Sober X® Hangover Topical Patch - $1.00 Fulfillment Fee Applies (US)

HaltUSA Free Sample of HALT® for Fast Heartburn Relief (US)

Beyond Bodi Heat® Free Sample Of Beyond Bodi Heat®! Just peel, stick, and relax for your sore, aching muscles, and back/joint pain. Bodi Heat® sticks to your clothing and lasts for full 12 hours. (Left side of the page)

PainBreak® Free 1 oz. Jar of PainBreak® (a $9.97 value!)- PainBreak® "penetrates" like no other pain cream, taking the active ingredients deep down to where your inflamed nerves and tissues are. Click the "Order Sample" link. Print out the form and mail to the address on the site. [$4.97 S&H Fee Applies].

TENA® Free Sample Of TENA® Pantiliners, Pads, Overnight Protection Pads, Guards for Men, & TENA® Underwear (US) Free All Natural Laxative Sample! Print and fill out their form. Mail it into them and get a FREE Sample of their all natural laxative made with Aloe Vera. U.S. Only.

Johnson & Johnson® Sports Medicine Free Sample of ACTIV-FLEX™ Lightweight Cohesive Tape (US, Medical Professionals & Staff)

Trojan® Free Trojan® Condom Sample (US)

SCHIFF Free 7-Day Sample of Move Free® Advanced for Joints (US)

Calcia® Free Calcia® Trial Kit (US & Canada)

Emergen-C® Free Sample of Emergen-C®. Click on "Share The Good" (US) Free Breast Self-Examination Shower Card (US & Canada)

Natures Inventory Free 5ml Sample Bottle of Night Time Leg Calm for Restless Leg Syndrome. (US, $1.35 S&H)

St. Joseph® Free One Tablet Sample and a Valuable Coupon for St. Joseph® 81mg Aspirin (US)

Metamucil® Free Samples of Metamucil® Wafers & Capsules (US)

Metamucil® Free Sample of Berry Burst! Metamucil® (U.S. and Puerto Rico)

Ensure Special Offer on Ensure® Shakes! Coupons for a Free Shake and Savings on a Six-pack! (US)

Remifemin® Free 40 Count Sample Pack Of Remifemin®. Get 70% Relief from Hot Flashes and Night Sweats Along With Mood Swings, Irritability, Occasional Sleeplessness and Anxiety. (US)

NaturesBest Enzyme Free Large Nitting Comb (For removing Lice).

ChinaGel® Free Trial Size of China Gel® for Pain. $1.00 S&H (US & Canada)

Next To Nature® We want you to find out for yourself how fantastic our Next To Nature® Laxative is, so we are willing to let you try it FREE with no obligation.

Pollen Power Free Sample of “Bee Pollen.”

EmperorsHerbologist Free Calcium Supplement Sample.

Calmoseptine Free Calmoseptine Ointment Sample for Health Care Professionals. (US & Canada Only).

LaDerma® Free Samples Of Flexitol® Heel Balm, Flexitol® Naturals Eczema and Psoriasis Cream, Flexitol® Naturals Eczema and Psoriasis Wash, or Flexitol® Medicated Foot Cream. Click "Free Sample" on the left side of the page. (US)

Arize Free Male Enhancement Sample (US)

Hope Science 3 Free Trial Size Samples of Pain Relieving Cream (US)

Novartis Free Sample of Gas-X® Thin Strips and a Coupon off your next purchase (US)

RiteCare Pharmacy Free Sample Of Serenity®, Free Sample Trojan® Brand Condoms, Free Sample Of Astroglide®, Free Sample Of Excedrin®, Free Sample Of Metamucil®, & Free Sample Pepcid® Complete! (US)

Lucas Life Forms Free Sample Towelette of AH! MEND® for Pain. Comes in a spray form if you purchase it. ($1.00 S&H)

Olbas® Free Sample of NEW Olbas® Lozenges (US, SASE)

Medicool® Free Sample of our Merino® Lanolin Skin Cream for Diabetics. At this time we are sorry that we can only send a sample to persons with diabetes at a U.S.A mailing address. Limit 1 per household.

Olbas® Free Sample of Olbas® Oil for Relief of Muscles and Joints. (US Only)

Advil® Free Sample of Advil® and a Moneysaving Coupon (US)

StartSampling Free Sample of NicoDerm CQ® w/ Smart Control (US)

Skinner® Free 1 oz. Jar of Skinner® Vaporizing Salve (US, Requires $1.99 S&H)

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