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Survey Monkey Free Sample of Emergen-C® when you take the survey (US)

Source Of Life® Free Source of Life® Shaker Cup Containing A Free Sample & A $3.00 Coupon (US)

Health Fitness Channel Free Sample of Hank's® Finest Whey Protein Milkshake™ (US)

Xylitol Salvation Co. Free Two-Piece Sample of Gum. 100% Xylitol® made from Birch Bark (US, S&H Applies)

For Goodness Shakes® Free Bottle of For Goodness Shakes (US)

Team 5 Hour® Free Sample of 5-Hour® Energy (US)

NuVim® Free Coupons for Two FREE 64 oz. Cartons of NuVim®. NuVim® contains whey protein, which is a naturally complete protein that has all of the essential amino acids required in the daily diet. (US)

CLIF BAR Sign-up to run with the CLIF BAR Pace Team and we'll send you a Free CLIF BAR Training Kit, which includes free samples of our products and some handy dandy training tips. (US)

Protein Muscle Free Sample of "Protein Muscle's Best Tasting Protein Powder (Worldwide)

Healing America Free Néctavida Supplement Sample! Néctavida is a delicious liquid super supplement that can be taken by people of all ages, from children to seniors. It supplies vitamins and minerals at 100% of Daily Value levels, a variety antioxidants, plant-based nutrients, fiber and essential fatty and amino acids.

Shape Works Free Sample of Herbal Life Protein Bars - Deluxe (US & Canada)

Fiber35Diet Free Sample FitSmart Bar (US)

Tony Ferguson Weight Loss Program Free Diet Shake Sample & Program Book (US)

Ensure® Special Offer on Ensure® Shakes! Coupons for a Free Shake and Savings on a Six-pack! Getting your hands on one of the creamy, delightful flavors of Ensure is easy. Just answer a few quick questions to receive two coupons — one for a Free Ensure 8-fl-oz shake and one for savings on the many flavors and varieties of Ensure six-packs. (Only one submission per household. Applicable within the United States only)

Energy Drink Testers Free Samples of Crave, a new Energy Drink (US)

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