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Tapena Wines Free Tapena Tapas Skewers - I Received These & They Are Nice! Here are the correct answers to the Quiz: (US)
1) Small Plates Of Food
2) Bring Your Own Fork
3) Olives, roasted almonds, diced cheese and spicy Garnacha wine
4) Pesado! D'jame solo por favor
5) Tangled bed sheets
6) Visit the wine aisle - perhaps a little Tapena?

Wallaby Yogurt Free Wallaby Yogurt Reusable Plastic Lids (US, Bottom Of The Page) Free Bennington Aromatherapy Candle Samples (US)

Zarcor Free Peek a Booo Light Control Shutter Sample (US)

LIHEAP Do You Need LIHEAP Assistance? The LIHEAP Clearinghouse provides free telephone and e-mail referrals to people who want to know where to apply for low-income energy assistance. (US)

American Public Power Association Public Power Low-Income Programs & Low-Income Energy Assistance Web Resources (US) Dedicated to Helping Families LIVE A BETTER LIFE... Not by Spending More Money, but Less! Feeding the Hungry Family - Frugal Meals For Big Families

Jungle Pond Free Jungle Pond Product Samples (US)

Bridge Grant Modest Needs makes Bridge grants by remitting payment to a creditor for a relatively small, emergency expense on behalf of an individual or family suffering from short-term unemployment due to the current economic downturn. (US, See Site For Details)

Dial® Promo's Free Purex® Natural Elements Sample (US)

Green Bag® Free Sample Green Bag®. Click on "Contact Us" and type "Free Sample" in the Message Box. Also put address in message box. (Worldwide)

Almore International, Inc. Free Cleaning, Dental & Personal Hygiene Samples (US, Businesses)

Keen Kandles Free Candle Samples (US)

Mia Bella Scented Candle Club Free Scented Candle Samples Club - Try Before You Buy (US)

Sharon's Soy Candles Free Soy Candle Scent Sample (US)

WV Gourmet Candles Request your FREE Candle Scent Sample Packet Today! (US)

Great Sunflower Free Sunflower Seeds (US & Canada) Try Our Free Financial Calculators! We have a wide variety of financial calculators. Interactive calculations, dynamic graphs and fully customizable reports are just a few of the features that make our calculators stand out! Mortgage Calculators | Loan Calculators | Credit Cards and Debt Management | Auto Calculators | Investment Calculators | Retirement Savings and Planning | Tax Calculators | Savings Calculators | Personal Finance | Insurance Calculators | Business Calculators

Joan Bramsch Free Firewood. To learn what National Park nearest you is offering Free Firewood, write to: F.W.#559, Forest Service, Box 2417, Washington, DC 20013 (US)

Joan Bramsch Get a Free Faucet Fountain - Dinosaur, Bear, or Dolphin - Send $2 S&H to: Jayne Products, Dept 34, Box 10726, Naples, FL 34101 (US)

Morton® Salt The Morton Umbrella Girl has been a familiar sight in America's kitchens for generations. But did you know that she can be just as helpful in other areas in your home? From the garage to the bathroom, Morton® Salt is effective at solving several household tasks.

3M™ Join the Command™ Damage-Free Solutions Program and be among the first to:
• Enjoy special offers, valuable coupons and product samples
• Receive ideas for damage-free organizing and decorating
• Learn about new products and share your opinions Free Recipes For Making Homemade Cleaners

Earth Friendly® Free Sample of Earth Friendly® Plastic Bags. EF/Bags® are a giant step towards a new solution; Completely Degradable! (US, SASE) Missing a piece of China or Dinnerware? Check out this site and find what you need! Replacements, Ltd. (located in Greensboro, NC) has the world's largest selection of old & new dinnerware, including china, stoneware, crystal, glassware, silver, stainless, and collectibles.

U.S. Department of Energy The Weatherization Assistance Program enables low-income families to permanently reduce their energy bills by making their homes more energy efficient. During the last 30 years, the U.S. Department of Energy 's (DOE) Weatherization Assistance Program has provided weatherization services to more than 5.6 million low-income families. (US) Country & Rural Living, Photo's, Livestock, Gardening, Farming, Humor, Country Recipes, Christmas, How To's and so much more.

Best Buy® Get a Free Trial of The "Dream Day, First Home" Game! Try your hand at interior design as you help newlyweds Jenny and Robert buy and decorate their first home. You'll move room to room in this fun and challenging hidden object game looking for everything from kites to a box of Betty Crocker Blueberry Muffin Mix. There are other activities too! Just like in real life you have to shop for supplies, clean up messes, and make a few home repairs. (Free Download)

Planting America, Inc. Free Tree Seeds (US)

Arrowhead Mills Free Arrowhead Mills Quick Culinary Creations Cookbook and OXO Kitchen Tools (US, See Site For Details)

Jelley Jar Free Family Tree Charts, Forms and Genealogy Templates

AARP Free Marigold or Money Plant Seeds (US)

House of Tatouage Free Candles! Have a Catalog party and get Free Stuff!! (US)

TIDE® Free Sample of TIDE® with Dawn StainScrubbers (US)

Elkay USA Free Sample of Stainless Butler. A simple solution for day-to-day care of all of your stainless surfaces. (US)

Quickey-Stickey Free Samples Of Quickey Stickey Door Hinge Mask Tape (US)

AgriMarks™ Free Sample of the AgriMarks™ Plant Marker (US)

Home & Garden Information Center Lots Of Free Home & Garden Publications. (US, Limit 10)

Scotch-Brite® Sign Up for the Scotch-Brite® Brite Ideas email where you will be among the first to enjoy cleaning tips, surveys, special offers and free samples, as well as learn about new Scotch-Brite® products and other brands in 3M. (US)

Best Organic Fertilizer Free Sample of All Natural Liquid Organic Fertilizer (US) **DON'T SAY THAT YOU CAME FROM A FREEBIE SITE. JUST PUT WEB SEARCH**

ProQuo Stop Paper Junk Mail! Free Sign Up! (US)

Rocky Water Free RockyWater Crystals Sample. Aids in growing and maintaining beautiful house plants, outdoor plants, and shrubs! (US)

Know Your Stuff Download the I.I.I.'s new home inventory software for free! This software makes creating a home inventory fun and easy. Once you have completed your inventory, it is easy to keep your information up to date. This software makes creating a home inventory fun and easy. Once you have completed your inventory, it is easy to keep your information up to date.

Charmin Free Charmin® Roll Holder Extender! The new Charmin® Mega Roll has 4 times the sheets as a regular roll! The Charmin® Extender can turn most standard holders into Mega Roll holders. Fill out their form and get 1 a $1.00 off coupon for Mega Rolls. (US)

Printable Checklists Free My ParenTime's Printable Checklists


CBC Pro Products Free Dual Syringe Sample of Insecticide Gel and Cockroach Bait.

Tropicopia Online Free Online Care Guide For Indoor Houseplants

Stop Toxic Imports Free Online Tool Kit - How to Have a Safe Home Session (US)

Whitmire Micro-Gen Free 8 oz Puffer Bottle Sample of MotherEarth D Pest Control Dust (US)

Freshaire Choice® Order any of the 65 Nature-inspired Paint Color Chips & you will be able to confidently add a natural touch of beauty and serenity to your home's interior. All shades are available in individual chips or as part of the complete fan deck. (US)

Osage Energies Free Sample of Kresto Hand Cleaner (US)

Cardinal Glass Free Cardinal Glass Dinnerware, Tumbler & Flatware Sample (US)

CFY Wipes Free Sample of TOSaway Disinfecting Wipes!

ScoopEx Free 4 Pack Sample Of ScoopEx!

Bentley Seeds Free Premium Variety Seed Sample Pack (US)

The National Arbor Day Foundation Get 10 Free Tree's!

Marcal FREE Marcal Paper Towels or Blue Baseball Cap!

Big Pumpkins FREE Giant Pumpkin Seeds (While supplies last!)

Clyde & Robin Free Wedding Seed Samples! Wildflower seed makes excellent wedding or shower favors. What better way for your guests to remember your special celebration than looking at flowers all year long!

Success Begins Today Free Garage Sale Kit

National Kitchen & Bath Association FREE NKBA Kitchen & Bath Workbook.

Paradise Jewelry Free Milkweed Seeds - Send them some Feedback if you'd like to receive some FREE Milkweed Seeds to plant in your garden. Click "feedback" at the bottom of the page.

Safe Home Clean Home Free Organic Dryer Sheet Sample (US)

Tipz Time Free Household Chore Charts from Tipz Time!

Fair Debt Collection The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) helps you Fight Back against unfair, unethical and even illegal bill collection tactics! Are debt collectors demanding payments on debts you can no longer afford? Are bill collectors harassing you over debts that you've al ready paid? Are you being harassed over debts that are not yours? Have you told collectors to STOP CALLING but they call anyway...repeatedly? Do they demand more money than you can afford? Are collection agents discussing your debts and other personal information with employers, neighbors, even your parents? If so, this self-help web site is just what you've been looking for! (US) You can register for a specific house party or sign up for the mailing list to be notified of future free stuff events. Browse the current "House Parties" and see if any of the Free Stuff they are offering appeals to you.

Baylor Healthcare System Free Flashlight (Texas Residents Only)

Kramer Detergents Free Commercial Soap & Detergent Samples (US, Businesses)

My Fox St. Louis We Put Woolite Rug Stick to the Test! Deal or Dud? Watch the video! Don't have a 'Stupid House' request a free Home Safety Evaluation Kit, or request a brochure or video tape to find out how to make your house safe.

Bath World Free Bath Test Kit.

Clip-it® Systems Free Sample of Clip-it®! New for Home Gardeners!

Hume Seeds Free Gardening Software!

Household Products Database What's under your kitchen sink, in your garage, in your bathroom, and on the shelves in your laundry room? Learn more about what's in these products, about potential health effects, and about safety and handling.

Hume Seeds Free Pack Of Vegetable Seeds! The first 250 people to send us email requesting "Seeds for the Hungry" will receive a Free Packet of Vegetable Seeds!

SuperGarden Free Bag of Planters Mix! The coupon is good for a limited time. (Residents of Southern California Only) Free Copy of Room-By-Room Home Safety Tips.

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