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Federal Citizen Information Center Cyber Security Toolkit for Teens. This interactive DVD by the National Cyber Security Alliance provides tips for teens on using the internet safely. It's been especially targeted for classroom use at the middle and high school levels. (US) Free Text Translator & Free Web Translator - Use our Free Translation Service to get a basic understanding of other languages.

North Carolina Dept. Of Justice Free Resource Guide "Internet Safety: What You Don't Know Can Hurt Your Child" (US)

All-Free-ISP FREE ISP Services! (Check availability in your area)

FREE DSL Get a FREE 156kbps Modem and DSL Service! - Sign up for FREE DSL CD! Fill out the online form and your CD and Modem will be to you in a few weeks (Depends on where you live).

Internet4Free FREE Internet Service!

SmartDraw Free Download Of SmartDraw For Calendars & Planners - Plus Scroll To The Bottom & Sign Up For A FREE Gift!!

FancEmail Free Graphic Email!

KIWEE Free e-Cards for every event or occasion! Use them in your IM, Email & Blogs. Free Glitter text & more! Cool animated graphics to share with your friends!

WebShots Download FREE Webshots Desktop Starter Pack- Includes FREE Photo Collection!

PanicWare Free Demo of "Don't Panic" Software...Award winning product to keep what you do on your PC private!

ISP FINDER Search for a Free Internet Service Provider!

SpyBot SpyBot Search & Destroy is probably the most thorough and easy to use adware and spyware detection and removal programs available and it is totally free.

Ad-Aware Ad-aware is a totally free program which scans your memory, registry, and disk drives for known adware and spyware. You can also choose to have Ad-aware remove any that it finds. I strongly suggest you download and use it regularly. You may be surprised at the nasties it finds. Click On "Ad-Aware" and then "Ad-Aware 2007 Free" (Windows) Free Internet Classes for Seniors

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