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Sweat Block Free Sample Of Sweat Block - We are requesting a partial payment of the Shipping and Handling cost (only .69 cents for US and $1.19 for non-US requests)

K-Y $5.00 Off Coupon for K-Y YOURS+MINE INTRIGUE, INTRIGUE HEAT, $2 Off Coupon for any K-Y Brand ProductKY, and a $2.00 Off Coupon for K-Y LIQUIBEADS (US)

Maxpro® Free 12-Pack Maxpro® Condom Sample (US)

Under Jams® Free Sample of Absorbent Night Wear Bedwetting Pants that provide nighttime protection without the world having to know. (US & Canada)

Bodyform® Free Samples of Bodyform® Pads with Wings (UK)

Humana Care International Free Samples for Incontinence (US & Canada)

FSI Solutions® Free Sample GoodNites® Sleep Pants for Boys and Girls (US)

o.b. Free Sample Pack of o.b. Tampons (Canada)

Always® Free Sample of Always® Clean Pads. It’s the first and only line of pads to come attached with individually wrapped wipes. (Canada)

Always® Free Always® Pad Samples (US)

Serenity® Free Sample Of "New" Serenity® Pantiliners for Light Bladder Leakage (US)

Playtex® Free Playtex® Gentle Glide Slender Applicator Sample Pack, Gentle Glide Ultra Absorbency Sample Pack Or Gentle Glide Regular Absorbency Sample Pack (US)

Playtex® Free Sample Pack of Playtex® Sport™ Tampons. The sample includes 2 regular unscented, 1 super unscented, and a coupon for $1.00 off! (US)

RiteCare Pharmacy Free Sample Of Serenity, Free Sample Trojan Brand Condoms, Free Sample Of Astroglide, Free Sample Of Excedrin, Free Sample Of Metamucil, & Free Sample Pepcid Complete! (US)

MONISTAT® Free Sample of MONISTAT® Soothing Care™ Chafing Relief Powder-Gel! (US Only)

Summer's Eve® Sign up for alerts from Summer's Eve® and, reportedly, they will send you a coupon for a free product. One report is of a coupon for free deodorant. (US)

Cora & Cory Free Sample of Sani-Hands® for Kids (US)

Its-Ecological Free Sample of Ecover® Washing Up Liquid. Click on "Win"

AmeriGlass Free Sample of Klean-To-Go® Personal Protection Packets! Each sample packet includes: 1 Hard Surface Disinfectant Towelette, 1 Standard Paper Toilet Seat Cover, 1 Personal Wipe Towelette, 1 Hand Disinfectant Towelette and 3 Facial Quality 2-Ply Tissues. (USO nly)

Degree® Girl Sign up 4 Cool Stuff like Free Samples, Cool New Promotions and Bonus Offers from Degree® Girl! (US)

POISE® Free Samples, Special Offers & Money-Saving Coupons for POISE® Products (US)

Trojan Free Sample of Trojan® Condoms (US)

Rauscher Co. Free Samples of SENTA LADY FREE EXTRA PLUS Panty Liners or SENTA LADY FREE ULTRA PERFECT "ultra-thin" Bind (International)

TENA® FREE Sample Of TENA® Pantiliners, Pads, Overnight Protection Pads, Guards for Men, & TENA® Underwear (US)

Tena Lady FREE “Tena Lady” Pads – (UK Only)

Pre' Lubricant Free Sample of Pre' Lubricant for Women (US)

RELEX Free Condom Samples (Canada)

Sylk FREE Sylk Sample - (UK) Complete the form to receive a FREE Sample of "Sylk" Intimate Lubricant.

Depend® Get $2.00 off your next purchase of DEPEND® Underwear. (US)

Astroglide® Free Sample of Glycerin and Paraben Free Astroglide® Personal Lubricant (US & Canada)

ARRID® Register today with ARRID® to receive information about new products, money-saving offers and much more. Please complete the personal information and answer the questions in this simple survey to help us serve your needs better.

Start-Rite Personal Hygiene Kit for Transitional Housing, Institutional & Residential Care, or Related Emergency Service Providers ONLY!

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