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♥ Audio/Video Cassettes & CD's ♥ Free Online Audio Bible

Agape Chapel Ministries Free Christian Sermon's On CD's - Also Available For Download In MP3 Format (US) Free Christian Bible Tracts For Witnessing (Worldwide)

Catholic City "The Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet" - A Free CD from the Mary Foundation. Many Other Free CD's Also Available (International)

Trinity Gospel Temple Free Full-Length Sermons Monthly On Audio Cassette By Brother Dave (US)

Lutheran Hour Ministries Free Cantonese Audio Bible MP3 CD - Hit "Cancel" When The Install Box Pops Up. (US & Canada)

Oasis Christian Center Free Monthly Sermon On CD - Click on the link at the bottom for the mail-in form. They are no longer taking email requests. The CD's come every month. (International)

Liberty Gospel Tracks Free Gospel Tracks & Bible Courses (International) Free CD containing nine complete books that unlock the Mysteries of the Bible! (International) Free VHS Movie, "The Nativity". The story of Jesus Christ's birth as found in the King James Version of the Holy Bible is familiar to people everywhere. And now you can watch and share this wonderful story with a beautiful film, The Nativity. (US & Canada)

101 Foundation Free Audio and Video Tape Club (US, Catholic Materials)

Chicago Bible Students Free Bible Video CD - "FOR THIS CAUSE" (Worldwide)

Audio Bibles For The Blind Free Audio Bibles for the Legally Blind

Christian Broadcasting Network Free Ministry Video Downloads - Use these Free CBN Videos at your Church or Ministry!

Catholic City Free Catholic CDs from the Mary Foundation (Worldwide)

Sopp Ministries (4) Free Audio Tapes! The Need: Have you ever asked the question why?
The Prayer: Why did Jesus tell us to pray in this way?
The Fast: What is fasting and why does it make a difference?
The Answer: Is it our faith, or God's wisdom that effects the answer? Free Christian Sermons to listen to online. (See listing of all Ministries)

Orange Hills Assembly Free Christian CD containing one of Orange Hills’ Worship Services (US & Canada)

Duane Sheriff Ministries The heart of Duane Sheriff Ministries is our Free Tape and CD Ministry. With over 400 titles to choose from, we have distributed over 6.7 million tapes and CDs free of charge.

Grace to You Free "Todays Devotion" available to Read or on Audio & Video online.

Spirit of Freedom Ministries Free Audio Tape, "Raised From The Ruins." ($2 S&H)

♥ Books, Bibles, & Magazines ♥

Tortured For Christ Free Book, "Tortured For Christ" (US)

Catholic City Free Catholic Novels from Saint Jude Media - Many To Choose From (International)

Bibles For America Free New Testament Recovery Version Bible (US & Armed Forces - International)

Jrs Bible Info The Bible All On One Page - Great Site!

The-End Free Book, "The Prophesied End-Time" By Ronald Wienland (Worldwide) Bible Prophecies Involving The End Times

Joyce Meyer Ministries Free Subscription To "Enjoying Everyday Life®" Magazine along with ministry updates and special resource offers. (Worldwide)

Born-Again-Christian The Sinner's Prayer To Be Saved

World Missionary Evangelism Free Subscription to WME's "WORLD EVANGELISM" Magazine (US & Canada)

Bible Quizzes Free Bible Reading Planners

IN Network Free Book, "SITUATION PSALMS"... Messages for where we live. By Dr. Ray Harrison (Canada)

The New Life Mission Free Christian Books

UnityOnline Free Copy of "Mother Love" (US & Canada) Oprah's "New Earth" - To get a quick read on "A New Earth" and its overt anti-Christian message, 5 million people have viewed a short video on YouTube (link on page). There are also some resources for further study.

Catholic City Free Catholic Novels from Saint Jude Media (Worldwide)

Billy Graham Free Book Every Month! (US & Canada)

Gospel For Asia Free Christian Book, "Revolution In World Missions" (Worldwide)

Harvest.Org Free Copy of the Greg Laurie's Book, “New Believer's Bible”! (New Testament)

Bible Basics Online Free 365-Page "Bible Basics" Study Guide (Worldwide)

Wake-Up Free Copy of the Book “WARNING! Revelation Is About To Be Fulfilled!”

MWTB.Org Free Quarterly Subscription to the Christian Magazine "Moments For You"

Soul Books Free Books, "Crossing" & "Using Love to Cope with Stress." The purpose of Crossing is to provide assurance and specific guidelines for yourself or a loved one, for a fearless, victorious (death) crossing. Included is a section on pain control, a system for meeting the death crossing triumphant and unafraid. Free Copy of the Holy Bible (Worldwide) Free Book, "2008 - God's Final Witness - The Prophesied End-Time Revealed" (International)

Samaritans Purse Free Hard Cover Books! Four to choose from: "Living Beyond the Limits, A Life In Sync With God", "Rebel With A Cause: Finally Comfortable Being Graham", "A Wing And A Prayer", and "The Name" By Franklin Graham (US)

Chutzpahnik Free “Brit Chadasha” - The Einspruch New Testament is one of the most beautiful works in Yiddish. Even if you just want to read it to see how he did it in Yiddish, they would be happy to send one to you for free. Send an e-mail to request your free book.

PowerPoint Free Daily Email Devotional

Van Impe Ministries Free (6) Month Subscription to "Perhaps Today" – A Prophetic News Magazine Published Bi-Monthly by Jack Van Impe Ministries.

United Church of God Free One-Year Subscription to the “Good News” Magazine from The United Church of God.

United Church Of God Free Booklets. Many to choose from.

Lutheran Hour Ministries Free Mother's Day Gift! A Free Book, "eMail From God For Women." Every FIFTH person who signs up will receive this free gift! (US & Canada)

Free Bibles Links to Free Bibles Free Issue of "Christian Woman" Magazine.


Redeeming The Time Download a Free Copy of "Ten Steps to Redeeming the Time in Your Life."

Jack Hayford Ministries Download Free Study Guides/Lessons, Booklets, Articles & More.

Heart-Light Org. Free Childrens Book "Yes Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Thinks I' Special" Free Downloadable eBook, "The Sword of the Spirit" by Pastor Shawn Boonstra. Provides you with practical tips to help you get more from your Bible, remember what you've learned, and apply it to your daily life. Also included are easy to follow Bible reading plans that can help you navigate the entire Word of God. It's Bible reading made simple.

HopeNet Free Magazine "Secrets of Peace".

Galactic Tsunami Full length Novel about a recently discovered phenomenon that is now two hundred years past the day it should have arrived here to ruin your day! The entire novel may be read or printed from the site.

TAGnet Free Online Christian Courses

♥ Miscellaneous Items & Gifts ♥

Free Christian Printables Free Printable Bookmarks, Bible Study Journals, Honey Do/To Do Lists, Lined Scripture Memory Cards, Prayer Journals & Lists, and more.

Good Samaritan Missions Register for Free Greeting Card Gift - FREE GIFT of Scripture Cards (US) Church Directory of the United States - Churches are listed in all of the 50 states and certain other parts of the world. Church Angel is updated daily, seven days a week, with the most current listings.

USA Churches Christian Church Directory - Looking for a Church? Find a Church today! (US) Locate The Nearest Church of Christ (World Wide) Find a Church, enter your Church into the Directory, or create a Free Web Page for your Church! National Church Directory - Places Of Worship Throughout The USA

Central Association of the Miraculous Medal Free Silver Miraculous Medal Necklace Charm (US & Canada) Free Rosary From Holy Cross Family Ministries (International)

Randall Rosaries Free Cord Rosary with a "How to Pray the Rosary" Brochure (US)

Finger Rosaries Free Finger Rosary (US)

Rosary Army The goal of Rosary Army is to freely give a knotted Rosary to whomever requests one. Their motto is: "Make them. Pray them. Give them away." Their hope is that once you receive and start praying with a knotted Rosary, you might be inspired to make and give them away yourself. Get their free knotted rosary today. (US)

Peter Popoff Miracle Ministry Free Miracle Manna Bread Or Call Toll Free: 1-800-208-1201 (Worldwide)

Sunday School Printables Free Christian Printables, Sunday School Resources, Christian Stickers, Printable Certificates, Christian Coloring Pages, Bible Sticker Charts, Christian Greeting Cards, Bible Coloring Sheets, Printable Bookmark Makers, Bible Verse Card Generators, Cards to Print, Christian and Catholic School Teacher Resources.

Photo's For Souls Free Christian Inspirational Photographs & Wallpapers

ANGELS OF DESTINY™ Free Ceramic Angel - ANGEL OF DESTINY™ is a ministry that gives Anointed Angels to people who are seriously ill, or going through a severe physical hardship. These hand painted, handmade angels are handmade by people who love the Lord Jesus. They are anointed with oil and prayed over. (US)

Davey& Each week of Davey and Goliath’s Devotions has four pages of fun-filled Bible-based activities. Set aside 10-15 minutes at the beginning of the week to read the Bible story and say the prayer on the first page. Some weeks that may be all you can do! If you have more time, try the rest of the faith-filled activities during the week.

The Fatima Network Free Gifts- Holy Rosary, Miraculous Medal (this is pretty), Miraculous Fatima Water, Green Scapular, Brown Scapular, or Holy Card of Our Lady of Fatima (US & Canada)

Project Moses Free Ten Commandment Lapel Pin and Moses Prayer Card (US)

Vatican City Free 2008 Roman Catholic Saint Calendar (US)

Blanket Ministry Request Free Prayer Blankets for Our Troops

101 Foundation Free Infant of Prague Chaplet

Lutheran Hour Ministries Free Romans 8:28 Scripture Magnet

HEARTLIGHT Free Electronic Christian Greeting Card Service from HEARTLIGHT Magazine. Send FREE Greetings to friends and loved ones world wide.

Benny Hinn Free Dove and Globe Lapel Pin (Worldwide)

Cathedral Gifts Free Gifts & Offers from Dr. Schuller's of "Hour Of Power". To receive these offers without making a contribution you can call 1-714-971-4000 or 1-800-976-9379 on weekends only or write to:
Crystal Cathedral Ministries
P.O. Box 100
Garden Grove, CA 92842

BOZ THE BEAR Free "BOZ" Ministry Kit (US)
You can also request a free special customized ministry kit which might include a BOZ watching party DVD, stickers, posters, and BOZ growth charts. This kit will help enhance the BOZ DVD's and books by creating a more comprehensive experience for your students. You will need to enter your Church/School name and your Tax Exempt ID.

Spirit Layouts Free Christian Layouts, Backgrounds, Graphics & More for

Christian Wallpaper Free Christian & Religious Wallpapers

In His Image Free Christian Backgrounds

Christian Layouts Free Christian Layouts for

Christian Freebies Free Christian Backgrounds with quotes. These are really beautiful! They also have Christian Music Midi Files.

Space Faith Free Christian Layouts for MySpace & Christian Graphics

Truth Encounter Free Game to Download! You'll have a blast playing "Jewels of Sinai" -the first bible based game that combines a great cartoon story with video game fun- but you will also discover the purpose of the Book of Exodus and some jewels that could give you a treasure even more valuable than the Ten Commandments.

Oral Roberts Free Prayer Cloth (Limit 5) (US)

Queen Of The America's Guild Free Learning Rosary (Available in English & Spanish)

Jerry Falwell Free "Not I, But Christ" Bumpersticker (US)

Bible Gateway Free Online Bible! This is awesome! A searchable online Bible in over 35 languages and 50 versions!

Our Lady Of Angels Free Prayer Cards - Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI (US)

Our Lady Of Angels Rosary & Prayer Book Offer (US & Canada)

Great Commission Publications Free Curriculum Evaluation Guide, Free Complete Sets of Preview Packets, Free Kids' Quest Catechism Club Preview Packet and other Free Offers.

Mandeville Press Free "Forgiveness" Bookmark- (International Offer- Not Available in Russia).

Bible Quizzes Free Laminated Bookmark/Bible Study Planners!

Posters Free Printable Inspirational Posters & More

ChristianAnswers Free Lesson Plans & Free Coloring Pages to color online or print out to color.

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