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"Guestbooks" Free Guestbook Service. The Ultimate Source for Free Tools & Widgets!

Dreambook Guestbook Another free guestbook, or dreambook as this site states.

Global Guest Get a free guestbook for your webpage and customize it with options such as background wallpaper, back link, midi music, text colors, change and add fields, email notification and language filter. Lots of other great features such as statistics and advanced settings to personalize your guestbook. Easy to install and setup including free support. - A nice service here. Customizable format, email notification, and "swear protection."

Guestworld Free guestbook service. All the usual features.

Phaistos Guestbooks Free guestbooks and more. This service offers all the usual options and some customizable ones. Free service offering guestbook. Same general features. Also inlcudes advertising banner like most others on top of page.

"Counters" Counter Simple free counter for your page. Here's what they have to say: "We offer the fastest counters on the net, with the digit style you want! Free counters with absolutely no commercial banner!"

Bcentral Fast Counter Free and easy fast counter. This is offered by BCentral, formerly known as link exchange.

Be Seen Free counter for your site. Very easy to set up. Just pick the style and fill out a small form. They email you the HTML to add to your site.

Cyber Stats Free counter and visitor tracking program. Offers lots of stat details to help better manage your site.

Extreme Tracker This is a nice tracking program. It only displays a small icon vs. a large banner. Has lots of tracking information and options. Also includes a pay service which allows no banner or image necessary and unlimited page uses. One of the best in my opinion.

Free Bot Free counter for your site that tracks the number of visitors. Also features other services such as Vote, Guestbook, Forms, Survey and Community.

GumBall Website Tracker Nice free site tracking program that has a lot of features. Gumball is an invisible counter. This is a nice service that offers free auction counters, image hosting, price finder and several other tools.

Pandawa Counter Offers free and pay counters. Multiple styles to choose from.

Show Stat They offer a counter/tracker called Real Tracker Free. Comparable to most other plain counters.

Web Counter Another free counter service for your site. Comparable to most other plain counters.

"Other Webmaster Sites & Miscellaneous Webmaster Freebies" Free Professional Quality Web Design Tool - If you are looking for a similar tool at a very affordable cost (free) you should give KompoZer a try. KompoZer (formerly called Nvu) gives you nearly the same power and flexibility of DreamWeaver for free. KompoZer runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. Juergen Haas, a Linux Guide, gives you all the introduction you need to grab and start using this free Web design tool.

ClickHereFree FREE Web Hosting Directory! A Directory of FREE Web Hosting Services, FREE ISPíS and FREE Webmaster Tools!

NoFrills.Net Free Web Space - Offers 100mb of space which includes several site tools including a site submitter and a page generator.

Web Techniques Offers Free Subscriptions to Internet Professionals (U.S. Residents Only). If you are not involved in the development or management of Internet sites, or you are not a resident of the U.S. and would like to subscribe, please use our paid subscription form.

UrbanPier FREE Web Sites! Absolutely the best free web page provider on the Web. offers 20mb free web hosting, free e-mail, free web site creation and design. Get your free web space today!

Wing's Free Wing's Web Guide "The In Hand Directory."

NameZero Get your FREE Personal domain name. Package includes: One FREE .com, .net or .org domain name and domain name hosting, one FREE domain e-mail account ( with multiple forwarding and unlimited e-mail names and FREE URL forwarding!

TalkDungeon.Com Free Customizable Message Boards- Offers a free message board to anybody. Highly customizable to integrate into your existing Web site. Designed to be attractive, simple and easy to use. Comes with a full Administration Kit and many features. Set it up in under 5 minutes! Webmasters -Earn More With Puzz.Com -This Programs Pays More -Check It Out!

4AllFree offers some great tools for webmasters to spice up their site. Try adding daily cartoons, a joke generator, a guestbook with photo option, opinion polls, or a password gate! Best of all it's all free and very simple to use.

AAA HTML If you've ever wanted to design a website or learn HTML and are intimidated, this site is for you. They take you step by step in designing a web page, learning HTML, and even style techniques. This site will replace an expensive book if you want to learn HTML or just need a course refresher.

Cgi2Go Cgi2Go provides free cgi sripts and hosting. Simply choose one of their available scripts (greeting card, mailing list, message board, votin booth, fortune cookie, and more), make some simple modifications and you are up and running. A very nice service if you are unfamiliar with scripting or if your ISP won't let you host.

Dr. Watson A nice free service that checks your links, html, search engine popularity, and browser compatibility. Only drawback is that it will only check one url at a time and not your entire site.

Easy Search Get your own search engine. You know your site needs one. Get this one free. Provides a control panel for a lot of customizable features. Lets you control keywords, include images, and lots more. If you're in the market for a search engine, this one may be worth a test drive.

Submit Express Submit Express offers FREE URL Submission to 40 Top Search Engines! Guaranteed Results!!

Free Web Submission We provide free manual and auto submission to the highest-rated, Free Internet Search Engines and Directories. The Search Engines and Directories listed below are all ranked according to popularity. Rankings are determined by and and are updated regularly.

Submit Express Free Submission to 40+ Search Engines Add your site to Google Search. We add and update new sites to our index each time we crawl the web, and we invite you to submit your URL here. We do not add all submitted URLs to our index, and we cannot make any predictions or guarantees about when or if they will appear.

Free Find This is a great tool for webmasters. Free Find offers, free search engines, what's new page, and some other great tools. The search engine alone is fantastic and deserves high praise. We here at ifreebies use there search engine and found it to be by far the best of its kind at a price you can't beat, FREE! We highly recommend this site to any webmaster who wants to add a search engine. Very simple to set up, no code to learn, and you can have your site spidered daily to catch all the updates.

Free Sticky Free Sticky is a nice tool for webmasters. Add content to your website to keep your visitors coming back for more. News, games, financials, jokes, weather and lots more. Be like one of the big sites and give your visitors what they need. I believe this to be a new site, but looks very impressive. Worth checking out!

Freedback Get feedback for free, Freedback. Want to ask your visitors questions or get valuable information to help your site grow, maybe just a survey. This couldn't be easier. Fill out some short forms and they make the code for you. If you want some freedback, I mean feedback, this site is for you.

Home Page Tools This site offers a nice collection of free webmaster tools. Includes message boards, free email directory, ffa link boards, and lots more. This is a nice site if you are unfamiliar or unable to host your own CGI.

Hosted Scripts Have you ever wanted to use various CGI scripts, but don't have access to CGI? Hosted Scripts offers a wide variety of free remotely hosted CGI scripts for your use! They are currently up to 22 free scripts that include a message board, free for all link page, chat board, top sites, site search, random image, form mailer and more. Does include an advertisement on the pages they host for you, but if you fear CGI scripts, this is the way to go.

My Poll They offer an easy way to add customized, interactive polls to your web site. Get feedback from your site's visitors. Find out what you need to make your site grow. Free and easy to use.

Net Hop This is a free url redirection service. This is how it works, say you have one of those super long names for your website. Now you can change it to "". This is a nice service for those who have the long domains. Looks very simple to use and best of all it's free.

Net Whistle Do you want to know the stability of your site. Is it up? Don't spend all your time worrying, get this free service. Netwhistle lets you know via email or pager if your site server should go down or your site becomes unavailable for any reason. Get this server and get some sleep at night.

Page Magic This site offers free web design, graphic design, web site promotion and HTML tutorials. Provided free for personal, eductional, and non-profit web sites.

Recommend It Have visitors recommend your site to their friends. Easy set up. Every visitor that recommends your site will be entered into a contest. Great way to boost your sites traffic. Free forms for your site. Easy set allows you to have visitors enter their information and submit it to you via email. Simple and easy format.

Site Gadgets This site offers 22 free tools such as message boards, mailing lists, and all the usuals. The unique spin here is that you can actually get paid as your visitors use these programs. Spice up your site with some site gadgets.

Site Invite Here's a nice tool to help generate more traffic for your site. Put this small image on your site and allow visitors to refer a friend to your site. You've seen these on some of the larger sites, now get yours for free. They host on their server, provide live stats to see how many referrals you are getting, and unlimited invitations.

Site Tool Box They advertise the site as 1000's of tips, tools, and tricks for webmasters. Not sure if there are literally thousands, but there are a lot. They have a nice section on FAQ's for webmasters about HTML, CGI, and CSS. They also offer tons of free programs and tools for the webmaster. One of the more comprehensive sites we have seen.

Submit Planet This is a search engine submission service. They submit your site to 100 of the best search engines for free if you provide a link to them. If you like the free service, you can pay for an additional 2100 other engine submissions.

WebSite Garage This is only a partially free service. The free offering is checking your links, html, and a few other system checks for ONE url at a time. They offer a premium service that should be better, but you might find a better deal elsewhere. Afterall we're here for free stuff. Does a very good job on the one url, just slow and touchy server responses and not enough freebies.

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